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What are your thoughts on "gun control"?
Why did you last consider leaving your job?
Have you had more cats than dogs as pets over your life?
What do you think of a day at the beach vs a day hiking in the woods?
Who has been the biggest influence in your life, either negatively or positively, and why?
What motivates you to even get out of bed in the morning?
Is it currently cold or warm in your house?
Have you EVER cheated, either emotionally or otherwise?
Do you have the amount of children you'd planned on having? If no, why not?
Who did you last name something/someone after and why?
Last song you enjoyed....what was it about, without giving away the title?
Most overrated person in your life (or in the world, in your opinion?)
And the most underrated?
How many different languages can you speak or have tried to learn?
Most challenging thing about your life is currently what?
Are you allowed to decorate your rented apt/home?
Do you believe in feeding wild animals?
Do you agree that people who want access to guns should have to go through a psych eval to ensure they're not likely to harm someone?
How did your parents react when you got in trouble (either as a kid or an adult)?
Scariest dream you've had recently?
Do you have any co-workers you've thought about just choking out?
Do you think society condones violence far too much?
What are your thoughts on Hitler?
Parodies or serious documentaries; which do you prefer?
Favorite thing to watch online? (Documentaries, films, music, random amature videos?)

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