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General Questions
What is your full name
What is your nickname(s)
How old are you
How tall are you
What is your hair color
When is your birthday
Where do you live
What do you do for fun
Do you have a boyfriend/Girlfriend
Interesting things in General
What food(s) do you like
What games do you like
If you had to choose between to of the hardest things in your life what are they and which one
Who is your bestfriend(s)
Why are they your bestfriends(s)
Family or friends which would you choose
What is your life like
Do you like your life
What religion are you
Why are you taking this survey
What time is it
Who is the person you most talk to
Which family member do you most talk to
Is there something you are hidding from this survery
Is it important
Are you sure we aren't going to find you and torture you until you tell us
What is your favorite weapon
Do you have any hobbies
What music do you listen to
What do you listen to the music you listen to
What is so special about the music you listen to
Chocolate, Vanilla, or strawberry
Mexican, chinese, or italian
Games,music, or tv
Computer, Ipod, or Tv
Friends,family,or lover
Dr.Pepper, Mt.Dew, or Pepsi
Cellphone,MP3, or Computer
Burger King, Mcdonalds, or Taco Bell
Are you tired of this survery
What was your first toy
What time is it
Why are you taking this survery
Relationship wise
What do you look for in a Girl/Boy
What about their eye color
What about there style
Do you group them
Okay I hope you are happy to know you are finally done with this survery!!!

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