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General Information
First Name (and meaning if it has one)
Last Name / Clan Name (and meaning if it has one)
General Clan Information (what their clan’s all about)
Age (either origonal, Shippuuden, or both)
Shinobi Rank (Genin, Chuunin, Special Jounin, Jounin, Missing Nin, Medical Nin)
Birth Village (Free feel to make one up, but explain it if you do so)
Allegiance (where or who they’re loyal to; for example, Konoha, Akatsuki, or even a person)
Likes (things your OC particularly likes; at least five)
Dislikes (things your OC particularly dislikes; at least five)
An Ideal Gift (something your OC would love to receive as a gift)
Fears (things your OC is afraid of; at least three)
Song That Well Describes (pretty self explanatory)
Personality Strengths (seven good things about their personality)
Personality Weaknesses (seven bad things about their personality)
Brief Description of Personality (in addition to strengths and weaknesses, cleverly define their personality in a paragraph or so. No sentence descriptions, it doesn’t give enough information. Remember that a character’s personality is extraordinarily important so it deserves more recognition than a simple sentence, and you need to be careful to not give them contradicting personality traits.)
Physical (keep in mind how the build of your character’s body should influence their general performance as a Shinobi and otherwise; don‘t you dare say “pretty” or “beautiful” for any of these, pretty/beautiful is a preference that varies from person to person, NOT a description)
Hair Color (basic hair color)
Eye Color (basic eye color)
Skin Tone (the color / tone of their skin)
Hair (the type of hair they have / the way their hair is; for example, coarse, fine, shiny, smooth, etc.)
Eyes (their eyes more in detail; pretty open to what you could describe, most commonly the shades in their iris)
Skin (the general health and feel of their skin)
Scent (a particular scent they may carry, more than likely induced by some type of lotion or body splash)
Vocal Tone (the distinct sound of their voice in detail)
Hair Style (the way their hair looks)
Head & Neck (describe their head and neck physically; for example, the shape of their head and how prominent their facial features are.)
Torso & Arms (describe their torso and arms physically; the size of the torso and shoulders will greatly influence their general build.)
Waist, Hips, & Legs (describe their waist, hips, and legs physically; for females in general, the size of their waist, hips, and thighs, generally determines their curvaceous-ness)
Hands & Feet (describe their hands and feet physically; you may want to include the size of their shoes)
Getting Personal (just little traits about your OC that will make them seem more believable and human)
Hobbies (what they like to do)
What They’re Usually Doing In Their Spare Time (that pretty much describes it, neh?)
Occupation (their job)
The Time They Wake Up In The Morning (the hour they wake up)
Habits That Define Them (good or bad)
Dreams For The Future (hopes, goals, what they want in the future)
Goals For The Present (what they want to achieve)
Chinese Zodiac Sign
Western Zodiac Sign
Which Matches Them Best (PartyAnimal, WorkHorse, BookWorm, CreativeCat, CuddlyBear)
Hour of the Day
Their Views On Themselves
Do They Think They’re A Good Person?
Do They Think They’re Kind?
Do They Generally Feel Comfortable Talking About Themselves?
Do They Think Highly About Their Appearance? (like that they’re beautiful, handsome, etc.)
Do They Think Themselves Better Than Others? How About Others Better Than Themselves?
Shinobi / Battle Information
Chakra Nature (their element; Katon (fire), Suuiton (Water), Raiton (Lightning, Fuuton (Wind), Doton (Earth))
Kekkei Genkai (bloodline trait; a special ability which runs in their clan)
Fighting Style (describe how they battle)
Weaponry (the weapons they carry and commonly use; for example, kunai, or a great cleaver sword)
Jutsu Specialty (Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu?)
Ability Statistics ((write them in percentages. 30% is average Genin ability, 60% is average Chuunin ability, 90% is average Jounin ability. Use this to scale how well you think your character does in these fields))
Jinjutsu (healing arts)
Total Chakra (the total amount of chakra they have)
Chakra Control (how well they can control the chakra they have)
In-Combat Intellect (their intelligence displayed in combat; how well they strategize)
Agility (their ability to make quick, nimble, and flexible movements while at a challenging speed)
Speed (how fast they are)
Power (their offensive impact)
Chakra Nature Use (how often their jutsus correspond to their element)
Endurance (how long they can hold out in a fight before tiring)
Accuracy (odds of their attack inflicting the target)
Evasiveness (how quickly and efficiently they can avoid an attack)
Willpower (their emotional strength during battle)
Pain Resistance (how well they can manage while in pain)
Focus (their ability to mentally lock onto something and ignore distractions during battle)
Adaptability (their ability to adapt to different environments in battle quickly; for example, Kisame can use Water Shockwave no Jutsu which changes the field into a water-world; how well could your character work around that if they faced him?)
Sensitivity - to Injury (how physically sensitive they are to painful infliction)
More Things Them
Talents (at least three things)
Not So Good At (at least three things)
Quote (by them)
Frequent Statement (for example; for Naruto, it’d be “Believe it!”, or for Deidara it may be “un” or “Art is a bang”)
An Animal That Would Describe Them Would Be (and why)
An Inanimate Object That Would Describe Them Would Be (and why)
An Object In Nature That Would Describe Them Would Be (and why)
Favourite Place
Favourite Shinobi Village
Something Really Important In Their Life
Preferred Style Of Clothing
This or That (or in the middle; please avoid saying both)
Power or Healing
Offense or Defense
Day or Night
Hug or Kiss
Greed or Unselfishness
Friends or Lovers
Deciduous or Evergreen (Trees)
Land or Sea
Flying or Swimming
Clear or Misty
As An Acquaintance
How They Greet A New Face
Generally How They Behave As An Acquaintance
How They Act Around Shy People
How They Act Around Loud People
How They Act Around Demanding People
What Kind of Friend They Are (describe how they treat their friends)
What Kind of Person They Could Be Best Friends With
What Kind of Person They Don’t Like / Generally Try To Avoid
Are They The Type To Spoil Their Friends?
Which Gender Do They Make Easier Friends With?
Are They Very Social?
How They’re Picked Out In A Group (for example: the leader, the peacekeeper, the bookworm)
Love-Life (this will get pretty down into it, so if you don’t want to answer something, just put “no answer”)
What Kind of Lover They Are (pretty self-explanatory)
They’re More Compatible With (the type of person they’re compatible with)
Their Ideal Relationship (what kind of relationship they’d prefer; for example, lusty or best-friend like)
Their Ideal Date (pretty self-explanatory)
How They Kiss (how your OC usually kisses)
It Sends Shivers Down Their Spine (a physical action that triggers your character)
Sexually Dominant or Subservient (and how much so)
Chastity Restrictions? (for example, not having sex until marriage)
Sex Habits (for example, they like to bite or they tend to over-dominate)
Undesirable Traits (in a suitor) (just things that your character doesn’t want or like in a potential lover)
Desirable Traits (in a suitor) (things your character likes or wants in a potential lover)
How Fast Will They Go? (judge how far and how quickly your character will progress with their lover)
Hopelessly Romantic? (are they always looking for love but never find the right person?)
Children? (do they generally want or see kids in their future?)
Parenthood (what kind of parent they would be; even if they don‘t want kids, still answer this)
Shinobi History (I’m not asking for their past because that’d be pretty inconvenient)
Academy Graduation Age
First Chuunin Exam Age
Age Passed Chuunin Exam
Age Entered Special Occupation (for example: Sensei, Akatsuki ANBU, Medical Ninja, etc.)

Output Format

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