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What turns you on the most about a guy?
Have you ever watched a couple have sex?
Do you like watching porn?
What kind of porn do you like?
If you were in the porn what would the title be?
When you masturbate do you rub your clit or do you put fingers inside yourself?
Do you like to be fingered inside your pussy?
Do you like to have your clit played with?
Do you spread your pussy open for the guy to finger?
How many fingers have you had inside you?
Have you ever been fisted? Would you?
In three words describe your pussy?
Do you like to have your clit licked?
Do you like to have a tounge inside your pussy?
How do you like to receive oral, sit on the face or lay on your back?
Do you tell your partner you are about to cum?
Do you like to have your clit bit?
Do you like to have your clit sucked?
Does sucking dick turn you on?
Have you ever fingered yourself while sucking dick?
How much cock can you take in your mouth in inches?
Do you like the taste of cum?
Do you spit or do you swallow?
Have you ever kissed a guy after you had his cum in your mouth?
Have you ever been eaten out after he came inside you?
Have you or would you let someone cum on your face?
Ever give a bj in front of an audience?
Would you suck another guy's dick infront of your bf?
Do you look at the guy your sucking?
Do you like talking dirty while sucking dick?
3 things you say dirty during giving oral?
Do you like your partner to moan or be quiet while sucking?
Have you ever been photographed while sucking dick?
Do you like to kiss the person your giving oral too?
Have you ever had fingers in your ass? Do you enjoy it?
Have you ever had your ass licked? Did you like it?
Ever have anal sex? Did you like it?
Has anyone ever cum in your ass?
Would you let them if no?
Have you ever stuck a finger in a guys ass? Did you like it?
Have you ever licked a guys ass? Would you?
Ever wanted to stick a dildo in a guys ass? Have you?
Wildest / exciting place you want to have sex?
Favorite Sex Toy?
Sex Position you have not tried but want to?
Ever video taped a sexual encounter?
Would you?
What drives you to the point of anything goes?
Would you have a 3sum with two men? Have you?
Would you have a 3sum with another girl? Have you?
Have you kissed another girl? How many?
Seen another girls pussy up close?
Touched a pussy other than yours?
Mastubated another pussy?
Have you rubbed pussies together with another girl? Would you?
Have you used a double dildo with another girl? Would you?
Played with another girls nipples?
Ever used food or edible items during sex? If so what?
What things have been in your pussy besides another person or sex toys?
What was your fav?
Can you feel it when your panties get wet?
Do you cum alot?
Have you ever squirted?
Do you like the taste of your own cum?
Do you like to suck a dick after it cums inside you?
Can you feel it when a dick cums inside you?
Do you like having cum inside you?
Have you ever had a dick to big to fit inside you?
What is your fav position?
Do you rub yourself when your haviung sex?
Do you play with his balls?
Where do you prefer him to cum?
Ever had someone pull out to cum inside your mouth?
Fav place for a guy to cum on you?
Do you like to rub the cum on you?
Ever licked it off your body?
Do you like cum?
Things on the "will not try list"?
Where is the most stupid place you have had sex?
Ever skinny dipped with a group of girls and guys? How many?
What is you sexual fantasy?
Ever been fucked in a public place?
People watching?
Does it turn you on to watch people have sex? Have you?
Would you soft swap with another couple oral only?
Full swap?
ever been to a swingers bar? Would you?
Ever had two dicks at once?
Ever had both holes filled?
Did you like it? Do it again?
Ever fingered your own ass? Would you?
Stuck something in your ass? Would you?
Ever had a guy cum on your panties?
Which friend would you like to lick your pussy?
What friend would you like to lick?
Ever watched a girl give your bf a bj? Would you?
What friend would you like to finger?
Ever suck your bf dick after its been in someone else?
Do you like to fuck yourself with a vibrator?

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