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♥ The Basics ♥
Whats your sweeties name?
How old is he?
How long have you two been together?
When is your anniversary?
Is he your first boyfriend?
Do you think you have a good relationship?
Where was your first date?
Where did your first kiss take place?
What was his most romantic gesture?
Does he have any special nicknames for you?
Do you have any for him?
*His Favorites*
What is his favorite movie?
What is his favorite TV show?
Who is his favorite actor/actress?
His favorite song?
His favorite thing about your personality?
Which of your features is his favorite?
Whats his favorite color?
Whats his favorite cologne?
Is the relationship getting serious?
Has he proposed?
Has he told you he loves you?
Do you have a song?
Which song did you first slow dance to?
Is there anything he has done for you that he wouldnt do for another person?
What was your last fight about?
Have you ever cried over him?
Is he there when you need him most?
Can you trust him?
Have you ever kissed in the rain?
Has he ever written anything for you?
Do you have any of his clothes?
Have you guys ever taken a nap together?
Have you ever spent the night together?
Have you ever been intemate?
How does he make you feel when the two of you are together?
Does he know your biggest secret?
Has he ever cheated?
What color are his eyes?
Does he know your favorite flower?
What is your favorite part of his appearence?
What is your favorite part of his personality?
Is there something he does that you dont approve of?
Is there something you do that he doesnt approve of?
If there is one, what is the biggest problem in your relationship?
Do you see yourself with him in the next five years?
Can you see yourself marrying him?
Have you discussed children?
If so have you picked out names?
Have you discussed marriage?
Do you have plans of living together?
Do you think you two have a chance of making it?
What does he want to do with his life?
Where do you plan on living?
Have you decided if you want pets?
Do the two of you have a dream house in mind?
If you do plan on getting married, where would you like it to take place?
Do you have your wedding planned?
♥ Last Question ♥
Are the two of you happy together?

Output Format

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