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In one word, describe your life from day 1 up until today.
In one word describe how you want your life to be from today on.
Do you believe in god or a higher power?
Do you have a lot of regrets about your life?
Would you consider yourself a leader or a follower?
Have you ever truly been in love?
What do you think real love is made of?
In one word describe your worst break-up.
Do you think it's possible to remain friends after a break-up?
Do you believe in soulmates?
How often do you have sex?
Have you ever had a one night stand?
What is the most sexy body part of a man/woman?
Do you enjoy porn?
Do you regret anyone that you've ever been sexual with?
Have you ever done any drugs?
If so, how many?
How old were you when you tried your first drug?
Do you have a drug of choice?
Have you ever been to drug/alcohol rehab?
What music genre is your favorite?
What song/band do you listen to when you are upset?
What song/CD is most likely to be playing when you get in your car?
What is the last CD that you listened to?
Who do you think is the best musician ever?
Whats your best friends name?
Do you trust your friends?
Whats the craziest thing you've ever done with a friend?
Do you ever spend the night at your best friends house?
Have you cried with any of your friends?
Whats your worst enemies name?
Why is that person your enemy?
Do you hate anyone?
Were you friends with any of your enemies at one time?
How far would you go/have you gone to get revenge on an enemy
Who raised you as a child?
Do you have siblings? If so how many?
Do you get along with your family?
Do you have any/want to have children?
How do you feel about Abortion?
Tell me about your deepest, darkest secret.
Can you keep a secret that someone tells you, or do you have to tell someone?
If one of your closest friends confessed to you a serious crime that they commited, would you snitch or stay silent?
Have you lied about how many people you've had sex with?
Would you honestly tell on a friend if it got you out of trouble with the law?
Will you repost this survey so you can find out a few interesting things about your friends?

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