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Have you ever gone muddin'?
Have you ever lived on a dirt/gravel road?
Ever been swimming in a lake or river?
Ever been to a bonfire party?
Have you ever driven a tractor?
Have you ever been on a horse?
Ford or Chevy?
Kissed someone in a pick up?
Whats your favorite country song?
Ever done 90 miles per hour down a dirt road?
Worked / Lived on a farm?
Been to a rodeo?
Do you own cowboy boots?
Do you have a cowboy hat?
Have you ever said git r done?
Country skyline or a city skyline?
Can you name a rodeo star?
Do you think tractors are sexy?
Ever rode a 4-wheeler?
Are you from the country?
If so, are you proud of it?
Gone hunting?
Gone fishing?
Is your heart in dixie?
Been on a hay ride?
Have you ever line danced?
Camped under the stars?
Have you ever been cow tippin?
Do you drive a pick up truck?
Fell asleep in a hay stack?
Own a pair of overalls?
Drank Moonshine?
Include the word yonder in your daily vocabulary?
Ever shoveled manure?
Milked a cow?
Plucked a chicken?
Is sweet tea your favorite drink?
Been to a race?
Know all the words to at least one David Allen Coe song?
Have you ever made out in a back of a pick-up?

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