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smoked a cigarette?
smoked a cigar?
done drugs?
drank alcohol?
been in love?
been dumped?
been fired?
been in a fight?
snuck out of your house?
been arrested?
made out with a stranger?
gone out on a blind date?
lied to a friend?
had a crush on a teacher?
skipped school?
slept with a co-worker?
seen someone die?
had/have a crush on 1 of your myspace friends
been to Canada?
been to Mexico?
been on a plane?
thrown up from drinking?
eaten sushi?
been skiing?
been in an abusive relationship?
taken pain killers?
love someone right now?
laid on your back & watch the clouds?
made a snow angel?
used a fake ID?
watched the sunset?
touched a snake?
felt an earthquake?
been tickeled?
been robbed?
been misunderstood?
won a contest?
been suspended from school?
had detention?
been in a wreck?
had/have braces?
had a one night stand?
danced in the moonlight?
hated the way you look?
witnessed a crime?
had deja vu?
stripped for someone?
walked barefoot thru the mud?
been lost?
been to the other side of the country?
swam in the ocean?
felt like you were dying?
pole danced?
played cops & robbers?
cried yourself to sleep?
done something you told yourself you wouldn't do?
made prank phone calls?
caught a snowflake on your tongue?
kissed someone in the rain?
blowed bubbles?
told a stranger you loved them?
had a wish come true?
jumped off a bridge?
kissed a fish?
ate dogfood?
sang in the shower?
had sex in the woods?
had sex in the park?
had sex in the car?
had sex in the pool?
sat on a roof top?
worn the opposite sex clothes?
had sex at a church?
screamed at the top of your lungs?
stayed up all night?
didn't take a shower for a week?
climbed a tree?
believed in ghosts?
been streaking?
been skinny dipping?
been to jail?
been told you were hot by a complete stranger?
been pushed into a pool?
played chicken?
broken a bone?
been easily amused?
caught a fish, & ate it?
made a porn video?
had nude photos taken of you?
laughed so hard you cried?
cried so hard you laughed?
caught a butterfly?
mooned/ flashed someone?
had someone moon/flash you?
licked a cat?
forgotten somone's name?
went scuba diving/snorkeling?
bitten someone?
been kicked out of your house?

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