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MySpace Friend Space Generator

Custom Friend Space

This generator will allow you to create a customized friend space for your Myspace profile, It was originally intended to help customize a person's top 8, long before Myspace gave users that feature. Some people now think of this tool as a top 12, 16, or even top 20 generator... even though you can choose as many or as few as you want (up to 40).

All you have to do is fill in the options in the first section, then click on each individual picture in the second section and the generator will ask you about the details needed for the friend that you want to put there. You need to fill in all three boxes! If you need help with that part, there's little question marks, that look like (?), next to the boxes. When finished, click the "Generate" button and it will give you the code you need to put in your profile.

Rows: Columns:
Show title
Align Left Center Right
Show amount of friends
Align Left Center Right
Show names above the pictures
Show the "Online Now" indicator
Show "View All Friends" link
URL: (?)

Align Left Center Right
Show "View All Comments" link
URL: (?)

Align Left Center Right
Scroll Comments
Hide Comments(this will hide calendar too)
Make friend space and comments centered in your profile
Make only the comments centered
Limit larger photo width to 90 pixels
Profile Visitor Map

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